iPad replaces textbooks at Adelaide University

It had to happen eventually. The University of Adelaide Faculty of Science is leading the charge towards eliminating physical textbooks and replacing them with eBooks accessible via an iPad. This is a great win on many fronts:

  • Economic – normally these textbooks would set students back over $1,000.
    Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

    Image via CrunchBase

  • Portability – an iPad with a whole library of information is a lot easier to lug around than a few heavy textbooks.
  • Environmental impact – if every student in every University went 100% online it would make a significant impact on the demand for paper in textbooks
  • Relevance. It’s a lot easier to update an online version of a textbook than its paper counterpart

The University is expecting to roll out fully online versions of its first year science courses after 2012.

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