What’s the business outcome?

The brushed aluminum back of the iPad Wi-Fi

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It is so easy to be taken up with a shiny new piece of technology. The shininess of a freshly unpacked piece of hardware with the smell of styrofoam that accompanies it. The beautiful new interface that comes with the latest version of a software product. The front facing camera that comes with your new mobile phone, or the smoothness of the screen when you flick the pages of a document on your iPad. Marketers are very good at providing the little features that help reinforce our purchase decision and help us to overcome ‘buyer’s remorse’ – the uneasy feeling you get after making an important purchase decision.

What we often lose sight of is how the new technology really helps us to achieve our business outcomes. We all know that the business outcome is the reason we made the purchase in the first place, for example:

  • As a manufacturing organisation we want to increase the efficiency of our processes so that we can produce more items, faster and at a lower price than our competitors.
  • As a healthcare organisation we need to improve the perception the community has in our services, decrease waiting lists, and improve levels of patient satisfaction.
  • As a financial organisation we need to attract new customers and keep the ones that are already with us.
  • As an individual we need to build our personal brand, improve work-life balance and build lasting relationships..

You get the picture. The business outcome is the deciding factor as to whether a new piece of technology is a gimmick or whether it will genuinely help us to move forward in life or business. Will it really help us to improve efficiencies, enhance customer satisfaction, attract new customers or build our personal brand?

Rather than think of the technology for what it is, think of it in terms of how it helps you to achieve your own business (or personal) outcomes.

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