iPhone features in home made space launch

NYC and NJ from space : Weather Balloon

Image by jabella via Flickr

This would have to be the coolest home made science experiment ever.  A father and his 7-year old son have launched a camera and iPhone into space using a weather balloon. The video shows incredible footage as the balloon rapidly ascends above the clouds and into the far reaches of the atmosphere.

It looks like they thought of everything:

  • The package was fitted with a specially designed parachute that would open when the balloon burst (great footage of this moment).
  • The iPhone’s GPS tracking was on so that they could find it when it landed – they found it within 30 km of where they launched.
  • The package was well insulated to protect the batteries from the extreme cold conditions. The camera battery lasted through the ascent and only just failed prior to landing – not a bad effort!

It’s an inspiring story and the video is well worth watching.

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