Sometimes it’s hard to keep a secret

Steve Jobs while presenting the iPad in San Fr...

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Spare a thought for the marketing folks at Apple. It is probably one of the most watched companies today and they do a fantastic job of keeping secrets. Their media is tightly controlled and any marketing person who has dealt with them would know that they are absolutely fanatical about controlling the message that filters to the public.

There has been recent speculation that Apple is releasing a ‘little brother’ to its hugely successful iPad. The 7-inch iPad is tipped for release before Christmas this year (current version has a 9.7-inch screen). Yes the Apple-geeks may have another reason to camp outside the Apple store for a night.

It must be extremely hard for a high-profile company like Apple to keep a secret when they have to work with a whole ‘ecosystem’ of suppliers across the world to get a product to market.  The speculation comes from the Taiwanese suppliers who have been contracted to make components for the new gadget. A report in the Economic Daily  says that among the Taiwanese companies to win component contracts is Chimei Innolux, which will supply 7-inch LCD displays with the same technology found in the original 9.7-inch iPad, and Cando Corporation, which will supply the touchscreen technology. Compal Electronics, a Taiwanese company that handles the production of laptops for a variety of companies including Dell, Toshiba, HP and Compaq, has apparently been chosen to assemble the device.

For us Apple-watchers it gives us something to talk about while waiting for the official news from Steve Jobs. For Apple, is it an uncontrolled random leak of information or part of a carefully planned publicity strategy? Either way it’s not doing them any harm.

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